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High School Sports teams in Michigan

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12/19/05 11:36 pm - z0diack - ooh

We won our first meet against Troy High School, tomorrow we're up against Ann Arbor Pioneer :) Good luck us!

11/8/05 10:36 pm - z0diack - Hey!

I'm Leigha. I'm a 16 year old Junior at Grosse Pointe North High School and I'm on the gymnastics team. I'm not that good, but it's fun anyway. We aren't a very competitive team because of our lack of experienced gymnasts, but it's not about winning :) Hopefully I can get some more athletes from my school into this community :)

11/6/05 09:28 am - red0wing0fan

Well since I mantain this community I figured I should go by the rules and make a post about my slef... here it goes.

Name--> Christine
School/Team-> Newaygo High School Junior
Sports--> Varsity Track and Basketball, oh and Powder-Puff Football, I'd love to play all sports though It's just the seasons interfer.
Position-> Run the mile, 2mile, and 800 in track. Play pretty much every position in basketball.
Record--> Not great
Goals--> Win Districts
Fav Quotes---> Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard!
That's all I got for now I hope some more people join this and start posting.

10/18/05 09:56 pm - red0wing0fan - THE FIRST ENTRY

Well we just got done playing Kent City, Ranked 5th in the state I believe. Wasn't a bad game... didnt win but I can live with it. Seven games left, then districts. Gotta pick it up and find something that works.

Anyways I'm gonna go promote and try to get some members in here! peace.
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