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High School Sports teams in Michigan

Michigan High School Athletics
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This Community is for anyone who plays, watches, or coaches High School Sports in Michigan. The forum is pretty open just make sure it pretians to High School Sports in Michigan.

- How the team you play for is doing
- A new rule you like or dislike
- Predictions for playoff wins
- etc

1.) No bashing other teams, a little competiveness is ok but dont go over the top with it.
2.) Treat other members with respect ^^^
3.) Entries must pertain to HS sports(preferably varsity but if you play jv that's fine) in Michigan.
4.)---- ONCE JOINED please post and tell us what your all about
Fav Quotes
anything else you want to say
5.) Please try and promote!

------------> About the Moderator
I play basketball, powder-puff football, and run track for Newaygo High School. Love sports, cant get enough of them. Our football team is Co-Conference Champs for the WWAC. Powder-Puff is 2 time defending Champs lookin to take #3 this sunday. I guess that's about it any questions email- wanabe_sk8er_chick@hotmail.com

This community has no connection with the MHSAA I just thought that would be a good name for it since it includes all high schools and sports in michigan.

email me any suggestions for interest(like your conference) promotion banners and anything else you like I want to make this a hot community.